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NGINX on Raspberry PI

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After self-hosting my websites for about two weeks now. I’ve only got one more site to move across. Now, I’m contemplating shuffling things around again so that they are all hosted on a Raspberry Pi - which results in a smaller footprint and not being stuck on the limited Synology System. Though, with the Raspberry ...

God moves sovereignly

Sometimes God moves sovereignly, giving you neither notice nor explanation. Other times He moves only in answer to prayer. Thank God for knowledge and ability, but some things only happen when we ‘give ourselves continually to prayer.’ (Acts 6:4 NKJV) The Bible says God would have destroyed Israel ‘had not Moses… stood before Him in the ...

Living for the Day

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When I try to focus on everything it can be overwhelming. I feel like everything in the world is out to get me.  Although, it's really easy to go on a downward spiral and into a depressed state with my MS. It takes strength to recognise these feelings and overcome.  Like my friend Kevin Smith has said, ...

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