NGINX on Raspberry PI

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After self-hosting my websites for about two weeks now. I’ve only got one more site to move across. Now, I’m contemplating shuffling things around again so that they are all hosted on a Raspberry Pi - which results in a smaller footprint and not being stuck on the limited Synology System. Though, with the Raspberry ...

Living for the Day

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When I try to focus on everything it can be overwhelming. I feel like everything in the world is out to get me.  Although, it's really easy to go on a downward spiral and into a depressed state with my MS. It takes strength to recognise these feelings and overcome.  Like my friend Kevin Smith has said, ...

Achieve with hard work and willpower

You’d never know by looking at him now, but just a few years ago, Kevin Smith was frail, frustrated, and stuck in a wheelchair. Though a commitment to nutrition and fitness sparked his triumphant transformation, Smith also used a steady dose of willpower to go from wheelchair to ripped. “No matter what, there’s no excuse,” he says. ...

Dear Jesus, Thank you for everything.  Please be with me and keep me healthy and strong as I continue in this life. Amen ~ Natalie

— Natalie,

Face your challenge head-on

Imagine being a politician. You're ambitous. A work-a-holic.  And you're running for election. You're not well. You see a doctor. A specialist. And you're given this diagnosis: you have MS.  Multiple sclerosis. Listen to this inspirational testimony by Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale who revealed in 2008 that he suffers from MS. Click here to listen to his podcast - - Mayor ...

Strength in authenticity

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I can’t trace the origin, but I grew up with this sense of foreboding. Though I was a happy kid, I had this expectation that something physical or maybe existential would befall me. My reaction was probably an unconscious one: I exercised religiously, took up boxing, read philosophy, identified with survivor stories, probably all to be ready.

“I remember the first year being very hard. I lived in fear: fear of stigma, fear of being seen differently, as ill. I stayed close with friends, but let very few in on my diagnosis.”

By  Luke Johnson