Maria Island, Tasmania – Phone Coverage

Phone coverage for the island is patchy at best but rest assured campers that like staying connected! In and around the main camping site at Darlinghurst you can expect 50-90% 4G coverage (meaning 2- 4 bars) according the the iPhone! Which is great news. So when you’re exploring just snap photos and leave your phone in Airplane and when your back at base upload those images to Friends and Family on your various social networks.

A Speedtest ran with Ubiquiti’s WiFiman speed network confirms speeds of between 20/7Mbps – Better than many NBN connections in Australia. showed similar results.


Malaysia, Penang

The last week we’ve been able to get into Asia, just across the equator into the nation of Malaysia. It’s the first time I’ve flown into a non-english speaking nation. Though, in general, you find that most can speak enough English to enable you to order what you need when for example buying food or groceries.

My wife and I have been staying with family in the city of Penang. It has been a wonderful holiday with many new experiences such as visiting Buddhist temples, tropical gardens or even the local markets and even seeing some of the highly visited street art of Penang.

More to come…


Four Weeks of Action in the U.S.A

Saturday the 25 of August marks the beginning of a holiday my wife and I have been looking forward to for the last 12 months. I have had little to do with the planning and have contributed as needed, but, for the most part, my wife has been active in planning everything! I know she is fully capable of planning adventurous trips, after she previously planned our two week long vacation in New Zealand last year with minimal assistance from a travel agent.

So, this is just a post, to follow should be posts about our visits to:

  • New York
  • Boston
  • Niagara Falls
  • Washington
  • Orlando – Universal and Disney World

I cannot wait to share some of our adventures to this blog not only for my only memory recordings but for the enjoyment of those that visit this site.

The High Line - New York City
The High Line is a 1.45-mile-long elevated linear park, greenway and rail trail. It was created on a former New York Central Railroad spur on the west side of Manhattan in New York City.