I love fitness! I trained as a Personal Trainer in 2014 and I’ve always enjoyed being active. While Multiple Sclerosis can be a barrier to living an active life, I prefer to do what I can.

I currently train three times a week at my local gym. I complete a 2km run at 12km and then move into weight training which includes exercises that target all major muscle groups. These muscle groups are normally targeted over a number of days – such as on a Monday I target arms and I have a back focus on Wednesday.

An important part of my fitness is ensuring I have a healthy and well balanced diet. For instance, it has been [OTGDays] days since I last swayed from eating a healthy diet. My outlook on diet is focused on having a low-fat, high fiber diet.

I publish my training activities to Strava and Garmin.

Vivoactive HR - My training partner.

Vivoactive HR – My training partner.

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