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The May50k

I am running to leave MS behind! Please support my goal to reach $500 by donating here.

Support my challenge to leave MS behind!

I’m taking part in The May 50K. I will be running 100km throughout May and leaving my limits behind to raise funds for life-changing research into multiple sclerosis! 

There are over 25,600 Australians living with MS and I need your help to leave MS where it belongs, behind us. 

And research is the key to changing the future of MS, so I’ve accepted The May 50K challenge to change lives.

Please make a donation to support my challenge.

Thank you so much!

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Fourth Tysabri Infusion

Today I go for my fourth Tysabri infusion.

I would like to say for the most part of it I’ve been great. No headaches and no fatigue other than what most people would get after having long days of doing things.

Though, I’m fearful of getting another cold this month as it seems that each month when I’ve been getting my infusion I’ve been getting a sore throat and sinus problems. The first time it happened back in August – I put it down to it being a result of a winter cold – which I normally get every year like clockwork. The second time – I thought, it could just be coincidence. I might also add the second time I had a horrible cough for about two weeks, a sore throat and sinus problems that I combatted with about 6 capsules of Ibuprofen a day.

Though, this time I’m actually feeling worried about what could happen. I’m fearful that I could be sick for longer than two weeks because of my lowered immune system.

The light in the tunnel for today is I’m saying my neurologist. It’s my first follow-up appointment since being on the treatment. Hopefully he can shed some insight that makes it easier for me to go through the treatment today.


Achieve with hard work and willpower

You’d never know by looking at him now, but just a few years ago, Kevin Smith was frail, frustrated, and stuck in a wheelchair.

Though a commitment to nutrition and fitness sparked his triumphant transformation, Smith also used a steady dose of willpower to go from wheelchair to ripped.

“No matter what, there’s no excuse,” he says. “If I can do it, anybody can.”


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October 4, 2016

Hi all,

The last month has been amazing. Just this last weekend my fiancé and I celebrated two years since first speaking to one another. I took Sophie out to a local restaurant, Seasoned, which provided a fine dining experience with a menu that changes to suit the season. In this case I selected maple soy salmon served with, lemon thyme risotto, pickled radish, beetroot and rhubarb salad.  This was a nice reward after a week of work, gym and healthy eating.

The last month I have been trying hard to follow a good eating plan, but I find that diet doesn’t seem to affect my Multiple Sclerosis. I mean this in the sense that I have a few cheat meals throughout the week and often I don’t experience anything out of the usual the day after. But, I do know when I eat properly I have far more energy – so eating well is my goal! At the same time, If I eat a block of chocolate I feel pretty bad, but don’t we all?

Even though I say diet doesn’t seem to affect my multiple sclerosis. I love eating the wide range of fresh produce I have been. I have so much variety in my diet now. I usually have a variety of different salads each week as well as servings of sushi, chicken and salmon each week. Usually every two weeks or so I feel like red meat. At which point I find a juicy steak or nice sausages.

With these varying meals I don’t tend to get sick of anything. This is a good thing and the long I go with eating well, the easier I find it is becoming to stay focused.

At the end of the day, I am what I eat.

Aside from diet, I do take a variety of vitamins to ensure my immune system is able to fight off invading cells. I have these vitamins as I’m on the drug known as Tysabri (natalizumab), one of the side affects of this medication and most MS medication is the lowering of the immune system. So, each day I take 10,000 IU of Vitamin D. Every other day I take Vitamin E (1000 IU) and Fish Oil (2000 IU).

I find this has gotten me through the second half of the flu season.

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September 18, 2016

On this day three years ago I was out riding and running around Townsville – travelling great distances.

On this day two years ago I befriended my now fiancé Sophie on Facebook.

Today, I’ve called Sophie my Fiancé for a little under 6 months and it’s only just over 4 months until we get married!

Today, we ventured to the gym, the markets, studied God’s word, watched a movie and attended church.

I’m so grateful for having Sophie in my life. She gives me a an insight into God’s love through her insights and knowledge that comes from reading scriptures.

Today was incredibly fun, better than the ones in the years gone past.

Bridget Jone's Baby
Bridget Jone’s Baby – Yes, I saw this movie – it was very funny! 

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August 22, 2016 – Feeling down

When life gets you down you have to get back up again. For me, my journey with Multiple Sclerosis has had its ups and downs but I know I am not alone. 

There have been times I have cried and looked at all the disappointments I have had. But, in all things what matters is I can continue on and not give up. 

Giving up would be easy, but, think of all that one would lose.

I have an amazing Father in heaven who loves me more than I can ever know. I have a wonderful and supportive family and a beautiful fiancé. 

I am not going to give up! 

Toby Mac – Get back up

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Car Service – Hyundai Getz

Yesterday I said good bye to my fiance as she travels down to Syndey for the Disney Musical, Aladdin. She will be away for two weeks but next weekend I will be flying down to Brisbane to meet with her before visiting Movie World and the Eat Street Markets together!

So, you can guess, but once I dropped Sophie off at the airport I needed things to do. To keep busy, so I thought, what better option is there than servicing my car?

Below are a few pictures of my car service – Oil Change, Engine and Air Filter Change, Diagnosis of a fault with the hatchback central lock, clean and polish.

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I Ride ‘n’ Run

Today has been a great day! I’ve been so active.

I rode 45km, then I walked and ran about 2km, did some push-ups and sit-ups.

I then headed off to church where I’m a volunteer in Kidsz Church.

I’ve still got plenty of energy but do recognise I need to rest.

I’m going to rest for some time now so I can be okay to spend time with my fiance and friends this afternoon. Later tonight I will also be heading to night church.

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Changing how I work

So, today is a new day, it’s a regular work day, but, I have plans to be with my fiancé for dinner tonight and would rather not fell fatigued in that moment.

So, the idea behind this post is to detail how I will strategically conduct myself in order to conserve the energy I have, so I am less likely to get fatigued.

My initial plan for today is to complete errands this morning and complete more desk work this afternoon.

If required, I can take some time this afternoon and rest.

I find the way I’ve been getting energy after feeling fatigued is by just stopping, not talking, not moving, just being restful. All I know is, I sure feel a lot better afterwards.

  • 5.30am – 2km run
  • 6am – Bench pressing, bicep curls, 50 crunches, 25 squats, 25 push-ups (tricep focus, close grip)
  • 6.30am – Breakfast
  • 7am – Drive to work
  • 7.30 – Start work after resting for a few minutes.
  • 8am – Start my errands for the morning – This involved walking 1200 steps around the school grounds completing various physical tasks
  • 9am – Get back to the office – complete some work in office.
  • 9.30am – Head to admin and sort some things out.
  • 10am – In the office sitting and working on various devices.
  • 11.45am – Go for a walk to a neighbouring building to assist co-worker. Sit down in workroom while working on the devices.
  • 12.30pm – Lunch back in the office.
  • 1pm – Office work.
  • 4pm – Leave the office and head for home.
  • 4.50pm – Fatigue feeling – Head feeling heavy on left side. Hand feels slightly tight.
  • 5.15pm – Head out to my fiance’s place, I’m feeling great at this point and am right for the next couple of hours.
  • 7.50pm – Fatigue feeling – headache, locked up hand.
  • 8.10pm – Feeling great again and symptoms don’t seem to bad.
  • 9pm – Drive back home.
  • 9.30pm – Still feeling great and not too fatigued.
  • 10pm – Bed.

In summary, I would say that today has been a good day. Normally I get a bit tight in my hand by the afternoon, but, in the case of today, I was fine.

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‘Cloudy’ – Fatigue? 

MS Fatigue seems to be revealing itself in my everyday life. 

The last week it was not really noticeable as quite often I have enjoyed just resting before doing an activity. Something seems to have changed the last week.

Even for the years before being diagnosed with MS, since finishing school, I’ve always enjoyed resting occasionally, throughout the weeks after exercise or other intensive activities. But, now I seem to feel drained every other day. 

Yesterday was average, by average I mean I was able to go to the gym, run for 15minutes, lift some weights and finally work an 8 hour work day. Though, by the late afternoon, I was quite ‘cloudy’, which is my way of describing fatigue. 

A better description for me comes from the MS Trust book Living with Fatigue, “Fatigue leaves me feeling dulled and tired. I find it hard to concentrate and to absorb new ideas, and I’m often confused, searching for the right word, and forgetting things.” 

In spite of how I was feeling I mowed the lawn and developed symptoms in my right leg and my hand began to clench and lock-up. 

So, I suppose, I’m hoping that in the coming days I can learn how to manage fatigue so it does not affect my relationships with others or work. 

I found some tips on MS Trust that I’m hoping can point me in the right direction. 

“Managing fatigue involves both trying to keep energy levels up and using energy efficiently. Getting the right balance that allows you to make the most of life is a learning process that will take trial and error,” MS Trust – Fatigue

The tips listed on MS Trust I hope can point me in the right direction.