Automating my Home Lab

The last month I’ve been focusing on documenting as much as I can aboot my HomeLab environment.

After having ran a homelab for about 5 years and gaining confidence in the command line of Linux - At some stage it just becomes second nature to quickly spin-up a docker, virtual server or raspberry pi with a software package you’re wanting to test out. Well, that’s the stage I’m at now.

Sure, I use the Homer Dashboard to keep track of the services on the network - But, there’s still a lot of services that I might use a handful of times across the course of a month.

My Homer Dashboard

Part of what I’ve been working on the last few months is documenting my server setup with Ansible and Shell Scripts. I’m completing this in the hope that should I have a server or service failure - I can easily with minimal delays spin-up a new instance from a backup if necessary.

To the most part, most of my server instances are well backed up and documented - But, when it come to my main Desktop PC - That’s another story - It’s my all for my Linux Environment - It hosts my most important SSH Keys, Ansible and Jekly environments.

Though, it is backed up - There’s that many customizations to areas such as fstab and other utilities that I’m a bit hesitant to blow away my machine and upgrade from 20.04LTS to 22.04LTS.

Anyway, I’m slowing getting to the point - I just need to do it - But, I think I might have to leave it for another weekend!

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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